I was speaking wih a great filmmaker (Jacob Tapia) this evening and he mentioned that we have something in common - the passion for making films that inspire the betterment of humanity.

He was right. That is what drew me to independent films. The people who make them want to raise awareness, to inspire others to look deeper into themselves or further ourside of themselves.

They create films that draw out our collective social inadequacies, that make us laugh at ourselves, or bring us to tears with subject matter we barely knew existed.

These are but a few of the reasons I am a huge supporter of indie filmaking. It has become more than a hobby for me. It is becoming a passionate lifesyle. Whether I am writing a review of an indie film, helping with funding a project that touches my soul, or working on making a new film; they are always in my thoughts.

I hope others reading this will share my passion and support more worthy projects. There are so many filmakers out there pouring their heart and soul into their films, hoping to bring their subjects to life for othres.

With much affection,

Jennifer Simmons Rau
Indie Film Fanatic

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